Bangalore (Bengaluru), is the eternal city of gardens and a very popular destination for the domestic and international tourists. The visitors come here to, round the year.

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, the city of Bangalore is home to a diverse population and cultures. The Bangalore city, untiringly bristles with activities, by the day & night, is congenial and welcoming to the visitors, tourists and guests.

Situated at a height of 949 meters or 3113 feet above the mean sea level, and sitting atop the Deccan Plateau; the administrative capital city of Bangalore has a pleasant climate. Apart for being most populous southern city and a major hub of the knowledge workers, Bangalore attracts people from across the globe for work, business, leisure and hosts of other activities.

The visitor who come to the city, invariably find it to be a place of rewinding and rejuvenation, apart from their mundane work. Being Ideal for escaping from the hubbub of the daily grindings of life, and to explore one’s self or to indulge in entertainment; tourists and guests flock to Bangalore city and the nearby areas, where a number of hotels and resorts, take care of their staying needs, offering them comfort, nice surrounding, style and choice. The foods offered at the hotels are the best, ranging from the traditional to exotic & in between; suiting every tourist and guest.

The TGI Fountain tree hotel is a world class luxury property situated at the convenient location at JP Nagar in Bangalore. The hotel and resort is a much favoured place of rest, relaxation and retreat due to its superb accommodation and culinary specialties.  Fusing tradition with modernity, the Bangalore TGI Hotels and Resorts Fountain Tree is an experience, that most of the guest  like while being at the classy property.

As a nice Hotel and Resort in and around Bangalore, the TGI Fountain Tree is famous for rich and innovative hospitality services.  It provides all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay for the guests and helps them to relax fully via soft rejuvenation avenues.