The newly married couples wishing to spend their honeymoon time solemnly, in grand style & in seclusion and to chart personally, their lifetime experience of the all important first time togetherness for forever, not to be missed; can find the world class TGI Fountain Tree Hotel at JP Nagar, Bangalore, a real deal of a lifetime of remembrance.

Married couples, who are already into few to several years of their married life too, do need some unique quality time of their own by finding a beautiful and inviting place of retreat and tranquility, to recharge their sacred relationship and also to unwind, by being close to or in the midst of scenic or experiential surroundings. It is also a special time for them to get ready to travel further and farther, with renewed confidence, love and compassion.

The JP Nagar Bangalore TGI Fountain Tree Hotel, with their long years of substantial hospitality experiences and world class housing infrastructures and allied facilities, like sightseeing and transportation, etc. can perfectly match the special needs of the vacationing couples on their first or subsequent retreats.

Most of the visiting couples find The Bangalore TGI Fountain Tree Hotel as much comfortable and extremely experiential. The variety of available food at the TGI property is superb in taste & quality and the services offered, unmatched.

When it comes to creating the perfect in-house/indoor ambience or an outdoor atmosphere negotiating with and in the proximity with nature for summoning love and romance and when there is a special need to call the cupid into the bedroom and beyond, for weaving a lasting relationship magic; there is no better place than to be at or with the TGI Fountain Tree Hotel in JP Nagar, Bangalore.