Professional, Business, and International guests who visit Bangalore and are highly conscious of their stay here, generally prefer the much acclaimed TGI Fountain Tree Hotel. The high-end and superb resort of TGI is situated at a most convenient location near Bangalore at JP Nagar. It is an area with much quiet and full of natural greenery.

The Bangalore TGI Fountain Tree Hotel is an architectural marvel and designed in a manner to create an ambience of tranquility and peace. The interior of this TGI luxury Hotel and Resort is meticulously crafted to fuse an environment of high comfort end and relaxation.

Most of the valued and important guests who stay at the JP Nagar, Bangalore TGI Luxury Hotel and Resort, Fountain Tree; experience the best of comforts and highly personalize services being offered. In a way, the TGI Luxury Hotel is committed to providing best of quality services available in the hospitality sector for its most discerning guests without any compromise. Further, always, the TGI brand of Hotels and Hotels are a sure guarantee for the highest level of satisfaction for the customers, in Bangalore or elsewhere.

The facilities and related services made available at the JP Nagar TGI Fountain Tree Hotel is of a standard that naturally spell class and luxury. Here, the guests are treated with much care and provided with comfort during their stay, taking into account their personal requirements, if any.

Being professionally managed and with a highly trained service personnel, the JP Nagar, Bangalore TGI  Luxury Hotel, Fountain Tree is therefore, a natural choice for those guests who demand and expect nothing but only the best in  hospitality.