Banquet Halls & Conference Rooms at TGI Grand Nandan Kanan, Dewas

At TGI Grand Nandan Kanan Hotel & Resort, Dewas we offer banquet facilities for your every occasion. We also provide the most dynamic event professionals who will cater to all your needs proficiently. We have our own dedicated team who provides excellent catering services and our unique food quality. Our variety will satisfy your guests and make your functions enjoyable.

We provide two types of facilities -

Types of Halls Available:

TGI Nandan Kanan, Dewas Dewas boardroom TGI Hotel Nandan Kanan Dewas Indore 2


Corporate facilities

  • Modern and high-end built-in audio-visual equipment
  • Custom-made board-room & conference halls
  • Broadband Internet access for every need
  • Dedicated conference and event management team

Hotel Nandan Kanan, Dewas Dewas Ruby 1 Hotel Nandan Kanan Dewas


Customized Event Packages

  • Exhibition/ Sale
  • Birthdays/ Anniversary/ Farewell/ Packages
  • Launch events
  • Auto Expo
  • Career/ Education/ Corporate/ Fair & Summit

Banquet Halls & Conference Rooms — TGI Grand Nandan Kanan, Dewas

Ruby —our multifunctional, pillar-less meeting space— is versatile and well-suited to various types of occasions including private or corporate events. 


TGI Grand Nandan Kanan's Boardroom is the perfect venue for confidential or private discussions and meetings.

At more than 1,700 sq. ft., the Zodiac Hall is among our most spacious indoor halls. It is capable of accommodating up to 180 guests, making it a great choice for weddings, receptions, and corporate events.

A lush green front Lawn with the capacity of 250 persons, Events for open air get together & reception will be the best idea to choose this wonderful space.

A lush green garden with 85,000 sq. ft. to enjoy, this venue is ideal for large-capacity events like wedding functions, live performances, and more. The venue has its own parking are with the capacity for up to 200 cars.

Looking for a large-scale high-quality choice of venue? Look no further than Jalsa 2 at TGI Grand Nandan Kanan, Dewas!

For a delightful small-scale event at TGI Grand Nandan Kanan, Dewas, choose the Clubhouse Garden for your event venue!