Facade of Felicity by TGI Hotel

Enticing Offers at TGI Felicity

Immerse yourself in the heart of the city with enticing deals on accommodations at TGI Felicity, Bangalore. Elevate your stay with special promotions designed to make your experience both memorable and cost-effective, ensuring a delightful escape in the vibrant city of Bangalore.

Room with plush decked with table and chair at TGI Felicity

Early Bird Offer

Have an unforgettable stay with our early bird offer and enjoy exclusive savings of up to 50% off when you book your stay four days in advance

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Last Minute Offer

Unlock incredible savings with our last-minute booking offer for Felicity by TGI- seize the opportunity and enjoy exclusive discounts for a spontaneous and unforgettable getaway!

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Tray filled with two water bottle, cups and a kettle at TGI Felicity, Bangalore
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Long Stay Offer

Indulge in pure comfort and relaxation with our exclusive offers for extended stays of three nights and four days or more. Revel in extra savings and delightful amenities, making your extended getaway an inviting escape filled with warmth and hospitality

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Exclusive 30% Discount

Unlock the doors to a world of savings and comfort with our enticing 30% off offer on room bookings at TGI Felicity, guaranteeing you a delightful experience at an irresistible price

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Executive room with two beds and television at TGI Felicity