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Pleasant Accommodations in Jaipur

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Studio Rooms

Choose our well-appointed Studio Rooms on Ajmer Road with exquisite interior design. These spacious 165 sq. ft. rooms comfortably accommodate up to three guests, offering modern amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi and laundry service.

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Premium Rooms

Experience a dreamy stay in Jaipur with our spacious 205 sq. ft. Premium Rooms accommodating up to three guests. Enjoy modern amenities like free Wi-Fi, television and laundry service, enhancing your city stay.

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These spacious  502 sq. ft. Jaipur Suites host up to four guests, perfect for families. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, television and more. With four luxurious beds, our finest suites cater to your every need.

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Executive Rooms

Discover comfort in our Executive Rooms at TGI Apple Inn, generously sized at 269 sq. ft. Ideal for families or small groups, these rooms host up to three guests.

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Royal Executive Rooms

Royal Executive Rooms offer 341 sq. ft. of unparalleled comfort in Jaipur. Accommodating up to three guests, these luxury rooms feature multiple amenities and complimentary breakfast for a positive start to your day.

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