Hotel restaurant interior with circular centre piece display under a modern chandelier

Experience the Finest Dining in Bhopal at TGI Insignia

For those seeking exceptional dining in Bhopal, our hotel stands as the ultimate choice, offering a selection of exquisite dining options. Whether you crave yummy flavours at Quince or smoky barbecue delights at Specialty Barbecue, we have something to satisfy every palate. Your culinary preferences are our priority.

Hotel dining area with neatly arranged tables, contemporary art and a service counter

Quince Restaurant

Quince stands as the flagship multi-cuisine restaurant within our hotel. Those staying with us can relish a diverse array of dishes crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

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multi-cuisine restaurant at TGI Insignia

Specialty Barbecue

Specialty Barbecue is your destination for indulging in a range of delightful barbecue offerings. Our restaurant in Bhopal offers a diverse selection of dishes featuring succulent meats for your enjoyment.

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