Another view of a spacious conference hall with rows of blue chairs facing a stage with golden figurines, illuminated by large chandeliers - Hotel Southend by TGI - Bommasandra, Bangalore

Meetings & Events Hall at Hotel Southend by TGI, Bommasandra

The Hotel Southend By TGI in Bommasandra features five elegant banquet halls in Bommasandra equipped with modern technology and tasteful decor, ensuring a seamless experience for our guests. These fully-equipped banquet facilities are ideal for hosting a variety of social events or conducting successful business meetings in Bangalore.

A formal boardroom with blue chairs around a long table, a flat-screen TV on the wall and framed leaf prints - Hotel Southend by TGI - Bommasandra, Bangalore


Legacy in Bommasandra is a perfect 8-person meeting space with modern amenities and corporate decor for successful gatherings.

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A close-up of a people's hands exchanging wedding rings

Grand Ballroom

Grand Ballroom is the ideal venue for weddings and social events, offering modern amenities and a capacity for up to 400 people.

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A small meeting room with a round table, tan leather chairs and a TV, with a large window and a floor lamp - Hotel Southend by TGI - Bommasandra, Bangalore

Skype I

Skype I is an intimate meeting hall with modern amenities, ideal for up to 8 people, offering a view of Bommasandra town.

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A well-lit boardroom with a long table, blue chairs and a large screen on the wall, suitable for business meetings - Hotel Southend by TGI - Bommasandra, Bangalore

Skype II

Skype II is a cosy meeting room equipped with contemporary amenities, suitable for gatherings of up to 8 individuals.

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Skype III

Skype III is a compact, well-equipped meeting room for up to 8 people, with modern amenities like air-conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

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